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NWSLPA Player Reps Selected for Paris Summer Olympics

Jun 26, 2024

June 26, 2024 – Three player union representatives from the National Women’s Soccer League Players Association (NWSLPA) have been called up to the U.S. Women’s National Team to represent the United States at this summer’s Olympics: Alyssa Naeher (CHI) and Tierna Davidson (NJY) have been named to the final 18-player roster and Jane Campbell (HOU) will join in Paris as an alternate to replace any unavailable players.

Player representatives were established with the creation of the NWSLPA in 2017, and play a critical role in advising the union’s executive committee on key decisions. “Many people don’t realize that many of the players they’re seeing compete at the Olympic level are the same players fighting for

player’s rights within the NWSL,” said NWSLPA Executive Director Meghann Burke. “It shows the collective nature of this sport and a deep belief the players of this union have that the strength of our league is critical to our national team’s success.”

Naeher and Campbell previously served as player representatives from 2022 to 2023. Campbell has also served on the bargaining committee prior to joining the Board of Player Reps, playing an instrumental role in helping to shape the terms agreed to in the league’s first-ever CBA. Davidson served as an alternate player rep from 2022 to 2023, and transitioned to player representative this

year. All three players have played an active role in driving union progress as the league rapidly grows.

Notably, Naeher and Davidson also serve as Voting Members of the U.S. Women’s National Team Player Association (USWNTPA), which set a new global standard by achieving equal pay in its CBA, negotiated at the same time that the NWSLPA secured free agency rights in its first CBA. The NWSLPA and USWNTPA work in close partnership on player rights and pushing for equality for players on a national and global level.

Ahead of the Olympics, the USWNT will play two sendoff matches July 13 against Mexico and July 16 against Costa Rica. In their first Olympic match, they will play against Zambia on July 25 followed by a match against Germany on July 28. More details are available at


Established in May 2017, the NWSLPA is the labor union representing all NWSL players. This extended support allows the NWSLPA to continue fighting for higher professional standards, player safety, pay and benefits, and broadening access to opportunities and resources both on and off the field.



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