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Maximizing your Group NIL Rights

Group Licensing Program Information


Through our CBA, Players took our group licensing rights back and assigned them to the NWSLPA to strengthen our Union and generate revenue back to Players. Group licensing is different from individual deals that you may do and in no way conflicts with them. By definition, the NWSLPA’s group licensing program includes 4 or more players together or in a series, either for consumer products like video games, trading cards, or replica jerseys, or for sponsorship. Group licensing is geared towards consumer products that utilize the entire group of players, rather than individuals. For example: FIFA 23 wouldn’t be possible with the likeness rights of just one player. It requires the likeness rights of the collective group of players. Players used to give these rights away to NWSL for nothing in return. By assigning your group name, image, and likeness rights to the NWSLPA, we generate incremental revenue back to you without you having to do anything else. The GLA also allows you to tell us if there are brands or categories that you would have an objection to being included in so that we can protect your rights and interests. The Board of Player Representatives - your elected representatives - decides how to distribute royalties, whether by distributing them directly back to players or by investing it back into collective power to fight for things like free agency.

How Do I join?

All Players who are or may become employed in NWSL are eligible to join the NWSLPA's group licensing program. To join, we ask you to sign a Group Licensing Assignment (GLA). This form confirms your acknowledgment of the assignment of your group NIL rights to the NWSLPA. Once we have your signed GLA, we can include you in things like video games, trading cards, replica jerseys and other products where players are featured in a group or series. We will also ask you to submit a copy of your autograph (to be used as design elements on products only) and a W9 form. The GLA is good for 3 years from the date you sign it. IMPORTANT: If you do not sign the GLA, you are not eligible for royalties distributions, and the NWSLPA cannot protect your rights in NWSL sponsorship deals or other group licensing arrangements.

Where do Group Licensing Proceeds go?

Licensing fees and royalty proceeds are paid out to the Players Association on a quarterly basis, and the Board of Player Representatives decides how to distribute this money. These proceeds go towards things like securing and enforcing our CBA, NWSLPA operations and generating money directly back to players. You must sign a dues checkoff authorization and a GLA to receive royalty distributions.

Licencees and Featured Products

Our growing list of licensees create products and merchandise that is available for purchase online and in stores. The NWSLPA manages the approvals process with each licensee to ensure that players are depicted in a positive light in every design created. Below is a list of our current list of licenses and examples of products our players are actively featured on through the program.

Our licensees

EA Sports FIFA 23 (video game) 

MatchDay (NFT football manager) 

BreakingT (tshirts)
Parkside Collectibles (trading cards)
Imagn (game day photographs)
Rank & Rally (jerseys) 

Sorare (NFT trading cards) 

NWSL (passive use of group player NIL for NWSL sponsorships) 

Teams (jerseys) 

T-shirts & Jerseys


Trading Cards

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